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Big Hero 6 Baymax Sock Doll


Alright, let’s get started, you will need:

2 ankle length white socks, scissors, any-color fabric marker, 2 black beads (any size you think it good), white felt, Sock Baymax Template, Stuffing materiel, 2″ sewing needle,  white and black sewing thread, and a ruler.

baymax(Not all materials are shown).

bayymaxCut out the pieces.

baaymaxTurn the pieces inside out.

bbaymaxHand stitch the raw edge of the head piece with running stitch. Pull the thread to gather the edge to make a cup.

baymmax.jpgStuff the head with the stuffing and pull the thread tight, and knot it tightly. Squish it to the shape you like.

baymaax.jpgSew on the beads and mouth.

baymaxx.jpgDo the same thing you did with the head to the body.

baymax!.jpgFill the fingers first with the stuffing, then do the same that you did with the body and head. Do the same with the legs too.

Then sew all the limbs onto the body. (Make sure they’re in the right places).

slot.jpgLast but not least, sew on Baymax’s card slot holder.

done baymax.jpg And your Baymax is done! That wasn’t so hard was it? Sorry if it wasn’t very clear. There’s a more detailed version here. Thanks for you guys waiting so so so long. Hopefully my next post won’t be so long after this.

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Author: SpaghettiCorgi

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3 thoughts on “Big Hero 6 Baymax Sock Doll

  1. Wow! Thanks for taking my suggestion! With Baymax too! Awesome!

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