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I made up this craft when I was trying to make another craft, but It didn’t really work. So I put some dish soap in a bowl, then added food coloring, and it turned into slime!

Materials needed: dish soap, small bowl, green food coloring, cotton swab. Continue reading


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Kiwi Crate™

This is a site I love, because there’s a ton of D.I.Y. crafts! You can also buy crates (that I’ve never ordered), and inside the crate are all the tools you need to make a craft! You don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to though (I never have). In the summer you can order a summer journal, like I did. So go check it out here!     Have fun crafting!

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A Very Special Pi Day

There will not be another pi day in the next 100 years. Today is 3.1415 (3/14/15) which is the beginning of pi. This post was posted at 3:14. It just seems right that I post a picture of a pie. If you want a recipe for a awesome pie, go here.  I count making pies as crafts.

Here’s the first 10 digits of Pi,  3.141592653


(I’m eating 3 different kinds of pie today)!

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Pot O’Rainbow!

12 days till st. patrick’s day! I just like it because of the shamrock shakes though, but I also like it because of this craft!

Materials needed: small flower pot, rainbow colored candy (probably Skittles), three-leaf clover sticker, tape, gold spray paint

1. put sticker on the middle of pot.

2. put tape all around the pot. (I don’t think gold skittles taste good).

3. spray flower pot.

4. pour in the candy.

Now you have a pot of rainbow gold!


Created by: no idea

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It’s just Tic-Tac-Toe with snow, nothing hard about it!

Materials needed: fresh snow, a finger (I’m sure you have one), pine cones or stones, sticks.

1. draw tic-tac-toe in snow. (as seen in picture).

2. I think you know the rules to Tic-Tac-Toe Snow

3. play until the snow melts!


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