Crafty Fun


See Snow!

This craft has 3 really easy steps. It’s a way to see snow really close!

Materials needed: black construction paper, freezer, snow falling.

1. freeze the black construction paper in the freezer.

2. wait until the paper is completely frozen.

3. hold it outside, and see the snow fall on it.

I’m going to try this tomorrow!


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That’s Snow Paint

Snow paint! You don’t use a brush or anything though.

You’ll need: spray bottles, water, food coloring.

1. Pour water into spray bottles.

2. Put food coloring in, until it looks bright.

3. Shake.

4. Have fun painting snow!


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Ice Soccer

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been sick, but I’m better now! Now let’s play Ice Soccer! (This is one I made up).

Materials needed:  a big bowl,    water,    and a big flat surface to play on. (It has to be outside of course).

1. get your bowl, and fill it up with water. DON’T SPILL!

2. If it’s cold that night, place the bowl outside. If it’s over 43F., it won’t fully freeze.

3. In the morning it should be frozen. Take it out and play! Make sure you slide it on the flat side, and wear boots.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures.


Craft/Game by: Me!